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What our customers think of Torf Moor Mud products:

dr. Les Moor, ND"Torf Moor Mud (Balneo-peat) is our treatment of choice for Moor Therapy at Clifton Springs Hospital. We have examined the European research and have observed positive results enough that we are now collecting data on patient response to moor therapy. Torf Moor Therapy is the ultimate application of Balneology and Spa Medicine!"

Dr. Les Moore, ND, MSOM, LAc.
Director, Integrative Medicine
Clifton Springs Hospital, Clifton Springs, NY

dr. Sussanna Czeranko, ND "Torf Moor mud products are made with Real Peat and what a difference! I have been using the peat Moor Therme packs with great success for low back pain and old injuries.  Easy to use and no mess!  A great addition to my practice."

Dr. Sussanna Czeranko, ND,
Clinic in the Woods, Ontario, Canada

"I began using Torf Moor Mud about a year ago, after first seeing it at my doctor's dispensary.  I am recovering from Lyme and other co-infections - parasites, viruses, bacteria, and extremely high heavy metal poisoning.  I was perhaps a little skeptical at first about the idea of taking a bath in mud, but after the first bath I could tell - it really works! I use the baths now weekly or as needed, and always feel better after one.  Recently I sprained my ankle and it was taking a long time to heal, and I did a peat pack - wrapping moor mud around the ankle and applying heat.  My ankle healed right up.  Thank you Torf for bringing this great product to the US!"

Regina W, NYC, NY

"Dear Torf Spa,
I had to write to tell you about the excitement in our Spa about your products. My partner and I massage professional athletes and using the Moor Therme detox pack and a matching heating Hydro-pack has proved invaluable during their football season. We were able to relieve aches and pains due to the high level of stress put on their bodies at game time, we were able to work the tissue and muscles deeper due to the heat and detoxification of the packs and they experienced less injuries from their tissue becoming healthier. We have incorporated your Balneo Moor Mud in our bodywraps and our clients love it. The Mud has a nice smell and easy to work with, they also appreciate the fact that it's all natural ingredients. I would just like to add your service is beyond excellent. You are easy to get a hold of when I have any questions, any products I have ordered have come quickly and are always neatly packed. Your company is a class act and I give you an A+ in service and satisfaction. I would recommend any spa who wants to carry your products to do so. In closing thank you for helping our spa become successful."

Angela Baney, PT, CMT
owner of Centre Ave. Massage & Spa
Pittsburgh, PA

"The use of the Torf Moor Therme packs creates significant hyperemia in the treatment areas that last more than 30 minutes. Connective tissue therapy is much more effective than treatments without the moor packs and patients report feeling significant improvement after sessions and are generally thrilled to obtain so much relief."
Krista Ingerick, BA ,LMT
Massage Therapist
Clifton Springs Hospital, Clifton Springs, NY

"Many patients report significant decreases in pain levels by combining massage with Torf Moor Therme packss and home use of Moor therapy."
Julie Hobart LMT
Massage Therapist, Esthetician
Clifton Springs Hospital, Clifton Springs, NY

"I have been using Torf Moor Mud baths to help me detoxify for about four months now. … At this point as I get better and better, I kill more and more spirochetes, and need to detoxify more and more. I'll start taking Torf Moor baths daily because I always feel so much better afterwards." Read more here..
Pam Krannitz, Lyme disease patient
Delta, BC, Canada

"Michael - 19 year old African American Male with severe discolorations on neck and cheeks along with presence of pseudofolliculitis. Used Ebony soap made with Torf Moor Mud twice daily along with Black Masque made with Moor Mud Extract & Bohemian Black Clay. Skin conditions improved dramatically in less than a week. Two weeks later his skin is even toned and smooth.
Ryan - 22 year old African American Male with severe acne and hyper-pigmentation. Used same regiment and has seen a 90% decrease in acne as well as significant evening of skin tone.
Both young men have blossomed in the past month and are more confident and hold their heads up high as they walk. I have also noticed that they no longer avoid eye contact when speaking to others."

Andrea Frayser, ND - Shades of You, Charlotte , NC

"I believe peat therapy (therapy peat = moor mud - edit.) should be an essential aspect of every acute and chronic musculoskeletal complaint. Peat offers an affordable, environmentally friendly, hands-on therapy that encourages clinician and patient to focus on healing. Further, peat immersion follows the principles of naturopathic orthopedic medicine by treating an area greater than the localized site of dysfunction or pain.
Using peat therapy, my patients have experienced swift and long lasting recoveries from injuries and/or chronic pain previously reported to require several months for healing. I’ve also seen peat immersion provide relief from detoxification symptoms, improve subjective and objective markers for immune support and enhance the overall health of all the systems of elimination.
Like essential fatty acids, I think of peat as a modern day form of topical treatment indicated and successful for many conditions."

Dr Kevin Conroy, ND
Seattle, WA

"Chico Spa is using the wonderful peat heating Hydro-packs to excellent effect with patients. Our massage therapist swears by them for relaxing different areas of the client's body as she moves through her bodywork. They hold the heat so well and are very comforting. Patients love them.
I have also been using the Moor Therme packs for local heating with the Hydro-pack, and they are very quick acting -- 20 minutes or so for a good heating response..."

Cathy Rogers, ND
Chico Water Cure Spa
Bremerton, WA

"I have prescribed both the TORF Krasno Moor Therme packs and facial mask products for my patients. These products have been well received and quite successful at treating the conditions for which they were prescribed."
Douglas C. Lewis, ND
Seattle, WA

"After 3 days of application of SAPROX, all symptoms (of athlete's foot) disappeared, including odor." read more here...
Dr. Miroslava Komarkova, MD

"The balneo peat from Torf Krasno, is without a doubt the best quality moor mud I have been able to find...
...I recommend it highly."

Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, MH, RN (CP)
Creating Health Institute for the natural healing arts, Idaho

"I was involved in an accident 2 years ago that left me with a painful spinal injury. I took the Natural Moor Mud bath last night, using the whole 1 liter package per your recommendation, and today I feel wonderful. I love your Moor Peat!!! Lately I had many clients coming to me, that suffer from similar pains. I really want to help them, so from now on I will be suggesting Torf Moor Peat poultice in addition to my massage."
Cathy Surla, Alchemy Medicinal Spa
Biwabik, Minnesota

"After just one treatment with this amazing mud, my skin is luminous perfection! I even did a hair mask with it and let me just say that my hair is not only softer but it is also full of body and shine. Torf Balneo Peat is the best skin and body treatment I have ever experienced!"
Anastasia Crabtree, Livonia, Michigan

"This mask smells clean and healthy and, upon the applying the mask, you can feel your pores tightening and the toxins being pulled out. After rinsing, my skin felt soft and glowed. Although this mask was not recommended for sensitive skin, I never had any irritation associated with it. I now use it twice a month to keep my skin clear and toned."
Barbara Ruby, San Diego, CA, 40 and fabulous!

"Mild Moor Mud Astringent Face Mask is the most comfortable mask I have ever used. So creamy a luxurious! After only a couple of applications it smoothed my skin completely. It's clean, even and soft now. I am sold! BTW, the shower gel seems to have an exceptional calming effect on my skin. Especially after depilation, which used leave my skin very irritated."
Simona Gernay, Phoenix, AZ

"I love your moisturizing cream! My sensitive skin makes it very difficult for me to find a skin care product I really like, but this cream is my favorite ... Thanks"
Beatrice Irra, Connecticut

"Great products! Tried your bath, mask and cream and love them all! I read about moor peat's benefits for skin care and I've become a firm believer now."
Rebecca Reeve, New York, NY