April 4th, 2006

Testimonial: Lyme disease detox with Torf BALNEO-Peat Bath

I have been using Torf Balneo-peat baths to help me detoxify for about four months now. I am getting rid of a parasite (Lyme disease) and have a huge toxic load because of the dead spirochetes and because of mercury that gets released from my tissues as they are killed. I have been focused on getting rid of Lyme disease for three years now, and I contracted it in 1995. My toxic load gets expressed in a number of ways - my kidneys have been affected, my liver gets overburdened and then my brain gets foggy. I also get flu like symptoms. I have found taking a long bath with about one third to half a liter of Torf Balneo-peat has been the best way to detoxify. My flu-like symptoms ease up, I get more energy, my muscles work better and aren't as stiff and painful, my brain is clearer. It has truly made getting rid of Lyme disease much easier to deal with. I need to take a peat bath at least every two days at this point, I am being so successful in killing the lyme spirochetes, and it may be that the peat is also helping my immune system to do that. At this point as I get better and better, I kill more and more spirochetes, and need to detoxify more and more. I might start taking peat baths daily because I always feel so much better afterwards. If you are a lyme sufferer, please note that I am currently not taking antibiotics. I'm not sure how peat baths would work if you were on antibiotics.


Pam Krannitz

Delta, BC, Canada