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Skin is the larges human organ. Keeping skin healthy promotes general health and wellbeing!

Torf Moor Therme Mud packs are popular with many sport professionals and enthusiasts. Among others, also pro-football players.

Bellow: many applications of Torf Moor Therme Mud packs

Torf Moor Therme Mud packs - detox packs

detox packs with moor mud and bohemian fangoTorf Moor Therme Mud packs offers a simple way to administer moor mud pack (BALNEO-Peat) treatment without the requirement of facilities and equipment typically associated with it. While the system is not intended for a reduction body wrap, it offers the same curative effects as standard (loose) moor mud packing in much cleaner and less laborious way. The system consists of a Torf Moor Therme Mud detox pack and a matching HydroPack (heat carrier). The key component is a unique single use moor mud pack - a layer of an organic moor mud (balneo peat) sealed between permeable membrane and leak-proof plastic sheet. The membrane allows for contact between skin and mud, yet prevents mud to stick to skin. The system is designed to deliver constantly increasing heat to the treated area for a the length of physiotherapy treatment (~20 min.). After application the pack is easily removed and skin can be cleaned with just a towel. Thanks to its simplicity, the labor requirement (as well as training) is minimal. For more information click here ...

  • joint and muscle pain relief *
  • mobility improvement *
  • detoxification *
  • ACNE treatment *
  • and more ...
  • moor mud detox packs
    click image for detail view of components
        Detox treament,
    back pain relief
    or back ACNE
        Shoulder pain treatment  
    Sports injury treatment
    System is simple and economical. Suitable for spas, sports clubs, physical therapy, naturopathic office, massage salon,
    chiropractic office

    ---- CURRENTLY SOLD TO SPAS & PRACTICES ONLY. TO PURCHASE CALL 1-877-811-1008 OR EMAIL TO: info@torfspa.com ----
    Typical warm application for skin detoxification and/or muscle spasm / back pain relief

    detox pack application
    Single-foment pad is warmed to body temperature and placed on treated area (1 and 2). HydroPack (blue) is heated to 120°F and placed on the top of foment pack (3). Client is then covered with blanket for comfort (4) Application time: 20 minutes
    To maintain all of its therapeutic properties, moor mud needs to be applied fresh. Thanks to the quality of our moor and our unique packaging, Torf moor mud is kept naturally fresh with its healing power intact.
    * Listed conditions are commonly treated by peat therapy in health spas of Central Europe. These claims were not evaluated by FDA.
    This web site is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease.