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CAUTION: Read all instructions. Serious disorders of the central nervous system, acute urethrocystitis, pregnancy, any heart condition, fever, serious inflammatory skin diseases, heat sensitivity, open skin injury, bleeding, oncoids or possible thromboses, please consult with your physician before taking a moor mud bath. If you feel too hot and dizzy while in the moor mud bath, sit up and place ice on your chest. Slowly stand up, get out of the tub carefully and lay down on your bed. If you have difficulty walking or standing up, assistance is required for this treatment to get out of the bath. This is a therapeutic treatment – not an idle bathing experience.

1. The natural moor mud bath is very therapeutic and relaxing so do not be very active afterwards. Count on one hour of laying down relaxation time post moor mud bath. Also, do not do after meals. This is necessary as blood flow increases more externally in order to cool the body, thereby taking blood away from the digestive system making one not feel well if consumed food recently.
2. Run a hot bath – not super hot but hot. You may add therapeutic salts or organic essential oils to your moor mud bath. Do not add non-organic essential oils as these become a “concentrated pesticide bomb.” Also do not use solvent extracted essential oils as these are harmful.
3. While the bathtub is filling, prepare a place to lay down and relax after the bath. Keep in mind that you probably will sweat a lot for a while after the bath, so have a suitable covers or wear ready. You need to stay warm and comfortable for to 1 hour.
4. It is important that you be hydrated as you will sweat immensely. Thus, while your bath continues to run, drink warm water or herbal tea. Do not drink caffeine at this time as your heart rate will already increase tremendously from the moor mud bath.
5. Prepare a cup of warm water and put it next to the bed. Due to the amount of sweat, one must replace electrolytes. Do not drink cold water. It will shock your system.
6. How much moor mud to use? To start the treatment series, use one 250ml satchel. As you progress you may want to increase the dose to two satchels especially if a large bathtub is used or when in significant pain. For a routine light therapeutic effect, detox routine or post-workout use one 250ml satchel per bath. For pain, gout, sore muscles, colds, strains, flu, use 2 satchel per bath.
7. Make sure all moor mud is dissolved. Retrieve the clump of moor mud and squish it until it is all suspended in the bath water. Get into the tub and immerse as much of your body as possible into the hot water.
8. Enjoy the experience! Remain in the moor mud bath for a maximum of 20 minutes or less if you feel you must exit. If you start feeling light headed, get out of the tub immediately! It is often a sign that your detox level has reached an optimal maximum for the session. Be careful getting out of the tub. You could feel very tired from the treatment. Have someone help you if you need or watch your step.
9. When finished, shower to remove moor mud particles without a soap or shampoo. This way none of secreted toxins will stay on your skin.
10. Rest for to 1 hour wrapped in a bed. Make sure to avoid drafts.

Recommended effective long term therapy regiment is 16 baths in 30 days.

Cleaning the tub: After draining the moor mud bath water, rinse out the moor mud with your showerhead or a bucket of water. Once moor mud is down the drain, take a damp sponge and wipe the sides of your bathtub. The moor mud will not clog your drain and will not stain your tub. Moor mud is not clay and it is safe for the septic system. The fine paste structure allows Torf moor mud to dissolve in water without any danger of clogging the plumbing and is suitable for use in standard non-whirlpool bathtubs. For whirlpool (Jacuzzi) bathtubs use Torf Moor Mud Extract Bath.

To maintain all of its therapeutic properties, moor mud needs to be applied fresh. Thanks to the quality of our moor and our unique packaging, Torf moor mud is kept naturally fresh with its healing power intact. hit counter html code